European Master Of Science In Occupational Therapy


The Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences/Hogeschool van Amsterdam (AUAS/HvA) is based in The Netherlands, in the city of Amsterdam. Amsterdam is a cosmopolitan city where 175 different nationalities live and work together and where the English language is largely spoken.

The city is a hotbed of education and research in all conceivable areas: culture and society, trade, logistics, aviation, shipping, ICT, sport, healthcare, education and much more. At AUAS/HvA we take full advantage of this wealth of opportunities in order to provide the best possible education and produce cutting-edge research.

The Amsterdam School of Health Professions is one of the seven schools of the AUAS/HvA. The school offers seven undergraduate and two post-graduate programmes in the field of Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Nursing and Mensendieck Exercise Therapy.

The Amsterdam School of Health Professions greatly values international student mobility as a way of raising the quality of education. The school's strongly evidence-based and multidisciplinary approach provides a solid basis for the education it provides. The Amsterdam School of Health Professions works closely together with the Academic Medical Centre Amsterdam and the University of Amsterdam.

Taking occupational therapy to new international levels with the european master of science in occupational therapy

With the increase of the average age, the increase of people with disabilities and chronic conditions, there is a need for highly qualified occupational therapists on Master of Science-level who are better equipped to deal innovatively with complex situations in therapy and health promotion. New models of interprofessional collaboration are developed to fulfill clients’ needs for high quality services geared to individual needs. This emphasis calls for a need for occupational therapists who are able to evaluate, justify and innovate their individual practice and their services.

The Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences offers this programme in collaboration with the following four European institutions:

  • University of Brighton, Eastbourne (UK)
  • Zürich University of applied sciences, Winterthur (Switzerland)
  • University College Zealand, Naestved (Denmark)
  • Karolinska Institute, Stockholm (Sweden)

Please note: The European MSc in Occupational Therapy is primarily aimed at qualified Occupational Therapists who wish to continue their academic and professional development.

If you are not an Occupational Therapists you may be able to gain admission after submitting a portfolio, but please be aware that this programme does not lead to a professional qualification and licence to practice as an Occupational Therapist.

Published by  OT Euromaster 6 March 2017