European Master Of Science In Occupational Therapy



Structure of the programme

The 2-year, part time, research oriented programme consists of 6 modules. Each module is hosted by one of the European universities in the consortium. The programme is guided by constructive alignment through six modules. Collaborative learning approaches are used, such as Problem Based Learning, Learning Groups and an online discussion forum. Every module ends with a written assignment. In the final modules you plan and conduct a research project and write your thesis as a journal paper.

The language throughout the whole programme is English.

In the first study year, modules 1 to 4 take place. Each of these modules consists of two weeks of preparatory work in your own country, 2 weeks of intensive class work in the country hosting the module, and 8 weeks of independent study for writing the assignment in your own country.

The second study year focuses on the master thesis. In module 5, you will plan your thesis project and present and discuss it, in module 6, you will conduct the project and write your thesis under supervision in your home country.

In small learning groups, you will act as ‘critical friends’ to each other in a self-directed partnership throughout the whole program. You learn from each other, appraise each other’s work, give each other feedback, discuss research ideas and formulate questions to be discussed with teaching staff during the next module.

Each module combines theoretical topics within Occupational Therapy and Occupational Science with scientific method and theory.

  • Module 1: Exploration of concepts of occupation and research , Eastbourne (UK)
  • Module 2: Qualitative research methods and human occupation, diversity, culture and participation, Amsterdam (The Netherlands)
  • Module 3: Quantitative research methods in relation to evaluation and enhancement of occupational performance, Winterthur (Switzerland)
  • Module 4: Socio-cultural perspectives of human occupation, Naestved (Denmark)
  • Module 5: Planning a research project within the body of knowledge of the occupational therapy discipline, Stockholm (Sweden)
  • Module 6: Conducting a research project within the occupational therapy discipline, own country
 Start of programme:  Week 35 with preparatory work; first class work in weeks 37/38
 Duration of the programme:  2 years, part time
 Total study load:  2,520 hours / 90 ECTS credits
 Study load per week:  Approximately 28 hours
 Modules:  6 including thesis
 Participating universities:  5
Language:  English
Published by  OT Euromaster 6 March 2017