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European Master Of Science In Occupational Therapy

Study load

European Master of Science in Occupational Therapy

The total study load is 2520 hours leading to 90 ECTS credits. It is a 2 year, part time programme. Many students do work parallel to studying; most of them between 50-70% (2,5 to 3.5 days per week).

The four modules in the first study year have the following structure:

  • Preparatory work: 56 hours over two weeks, in home country
  • Class work: 80 hours over two weeks, at hosting institution
  • Assignment: 200 hours over 8 weeks, in home country

Module 5 has a different structure:

  • Preparatory work with assignment: ca 300 hours over 11 weeks
  • Class work with examination: 36 hours, at hosting institution

Modules 1 to 5 all lead to 12 ECTS credits. Module 6 (thesis) consists of 30 ECTS credits

Published by  OT Euromaster 10 September 2020