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Kick-off OT Euromaster 2014

12 Feb 2014 00:00 | OT Euromaster

In Eastbourne (UK) the trees were already blossoming late January. A mild winter has led to signs of an early spring (see photograph). Underneath the trees the new group OT Euromaster can be found, who attended their first two weeks of colleges in Eastbourne.

This module was the kick-off for the OT Euromaster programme. It will take up to twenty-five months and will lead the students to five different cities from five different countries. When we take a glimpse into the near future, we envision our students standing in Eastboarne again, within two years when they’ll finish their master. And as they’ll present their thesis, the now still unknown students of 2016 will also be present to witness them. But for now we are very eager to see how are current students will learn and develop. De second European city they will attend is Amsterdam, at the end of April. The Amsterdam School of Health Professions will give them a warm welcome!