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European Master Of Science In Occupational Therapy

New graduates – new knowledge – new perspectives!

30 Sep 2016 09:38 | OT Euromaster

On September 7th 2016, 8 students graduated from the European Master of Science in OT-programme. Congratulations!

Erica Blokker,               the Netherlands “Engaging family caregivers in the occupational therapy process. Perceptions of occupational therapists.”
Amanda Bueno Cipriani, Brazil “The impact of substance use disorders in quality of life and human occupations: a cross-sectional study from a gender perspective.”
Irene Christen, Switzerland “Virtual Reality Intervention for Stroke Patients. Change of Arm Usage in Daily Activities after a Virtual Reality-based Therapy Intervention for People with Hemiplegic Stroke.” 
Jeroen te Dorsthorst,   the Netherlands “How childhood cancer survivors reflect on the influence of late effects and their childhood cancer history to their occupational identity. A narrative study.”
Angelique Kester,        the Netherlands “Vietnamese caregivers reflections on activities of daily life in relation to PEDI.”
Bärbel Rückriem, Switzerland “Lived experience of caregivers in Switzerland when providing the first wheelchair to children with severe cerebral palsy (GMFCS & MACS IV/V). An Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis Study.” 
Nina Teufen, Switzerland “Lived experiences of co-occupation of everyday life among couples being parents for the first time - A phenomenological study.” 
Fay Zischeck, Switzerland “Resilience in everyday life: experiences of individuals with a work-related musculoskeletal disorder of the upper extremity.” 

We wish them good luck for the new perspectives in their professional lives!