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Congratulations to fifteen new graduates!

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7 Feb 2017 13:44 | OT Euromaster

On January 25th, fifteen students graduated from the European Master of Science in OT-programme. Congratulations for your achievement and welcome as new MSc-Colleagues!

The graduates presented newly generated knowledge from their master thesis projects to new students, staff, family and friends. They covered the following topics:

André, Marielle (France)

An experience of occupational therapists using the Mini-Activities Approach to empower patients’ resilience in their daily life

Bakker, Kim (The Netherlands)

The lived experiences of balancing daily activities by adults with a visual impairment experiencing fatigue

Ballmer, Thomas (Switzerland)

Test-retest and inter-rater reliability of the Danish version of the Management of Everday Technology Assessment for use with well older adults and older adults living with COPD

Bertrand, Romain (Switzerland)

How is driving cessation experienced by older people? An occupational perspective on the transition from driving to driving cessation

Egger, Selina (Switzerland)

Older people’s perspectives on facilitators and barriers for participation in occupational therapy health promotion programs

Hasler, Fabienne (Switzerland)

Participation of wheelchair users in public transport. A qualitative study of Swiss manual wheelchair users

Köttl, Hanna (Switzerland)

Everyday technology use among older adults with and without Alzheimer´s disease and Mild Cognitive Impairment in relation to perceived Life Satisfaction

Leenders, Jacqueline (The Netherlands)

Incidence, Location and Severity of Pressure Ulcers and their Impact on Participation among People with Long-term Spinal Cord Injury

Mwirigi, Purity (Saudi Arabia)

The influence of Saudi Arabian culture on foreign Occupational Therapists daily intervention processes: An exploratory study

Nijhuis, Elieke (The Netherlands)

Increased Awareness in People with COPD after Occupational Therapy

Njuguna, Beth (Saudia Arabia)

Views of school-based therapists and special education teachers on collaboration and pull-out models of service delivery

Petrig, Andrea (Switzerland)

Experiences of occupational therapists working with Diagnose Related Groups management in Switzerland

Rennhack, Frauke (Switzerland)

Work-related situation and goal-achievement of psychiatric patients receiving Pre-Vocational Therapy - A cross-sectional study

Rothenberger, Esther (Switzerland)

Occupational therapists’ experiences with occupation-based acute and non-acute hand therapy practice - A phenomenological study

Zurbrügg, Alea (Switzerland)

(not on the picture, she presented via skype)

A qualitative study on occupational therapists’ reasoning in stroke rehabilitation

Good luck for the new perspectives in your professional lives!