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European Master Of Science In Occupational Therapy

Congratulations to our new graduates!

27 Sep 2018 13:01 | OT Euromaster

On September 13th, eight students graduated from the European Master of Science in OT-programme. Congratulations for your achievement and welcome as new MSc-Colleagues!

They presented their master thesis projects to new students, staff, family and friends:

Joseph Ndiwalana

An international placement and it’s role in the professional development of Occupational Therapists

Hyub Kim

Time Use of People with Spinal Cord Injury (SCI)

Anja Christopher

The meaning of motorcycling – an interpretative phenomenological analysis

The heartbeat of motorcycling revealed through the experience of motorcycle travellers

Elisa Fabrizi

Changes over time in the use of everyday technology within different contexts and their relation to cognitive decline in Swedish older adults with mild cognitive impairment

Vanja Rutten

The experience of technology use by elderly at home

A qualitative study about the experience of elderly people living in Amsterdam

Tanja Joho

Time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time

Time-use among Danish people living with COPD in terms of domains of occupation and perceived competence, value and enjoyment, reflected in everyday occupations

Katja Sigrist

An occupational perspective on the relationship between upper limb apraxia and the ability to perform personal and instrumental activities of daily living in clients after a left-hemisphere stroke

Jacqueline Coppers

A narrative study on the interplay between occupation and identity of young adults with adolescent-onset first episode psychosis

Good luck for the new perspectives in your professional lives!